Hair Loss Over Time

Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process. We lose hair follicles every day, and our hairlines will recede over time. Fortunately, there is a solution available today. Our NeoGraft® treatment in Smyrna can restore your scalp’s hair. This technique focuses on using your body’s own blood cells to return your hairline to its former appearance. The procedure provides reliable results you can maintain for months. Our team of experts wants to give you the care you deserve, and this approach provides everything you’re going to need.

A New Approach to Growing Hair

NeoGraft® uses plasma from your own blood cells to stimulate hair growth. The nutrients your hair needs to develop are within our circulatory system, but you need to have a way to distribute plasma to the scalp. We use this procedure to give you a healthy, radiant appearance. The benefits of the NeoGraft® treatment are visible for months after your visit. You can have long-lasting results with this innovative approach to hair restoration, and the improvements won’t require any maintenance. This is a chance to receive the looks you want to see. Try a new approach to hair loss treatments. Our experts understand how to deliver the results our customers want.

Before and After

Try Our NeoGraft® Service Today

You can try our NeoGraft® Smyrna services for yourself. We want to give you the appearance you want for yourself, and our team of experts understands how to deliver results. Our experience with cosmetic procedures gives us an opportunity to help you achieve the healthy hair you deserve. You can protect your hairline from a gradual recession, and NeoGraft® is an excellent treatment to promote hair follicles on our scalp. Contact us today to learn more information and schedule an appointment.