Many men are alarmed when body fat begins to interfere with their individual senses of masculinity. It is absolutely acceptable if a man’s chest grows because of muscle gains. Bulging pectoral muscles are some of the most attractive contours on the male body. If the chest grows because of fat deposits however, it means something completely different. Persistent bulging chests because of fat deposits tend to look more like female breasts. This is very different from sculpted chest muscles. 

There are many reasons why men experience gynecomastia. The accumulation of fat around the chest can happen suddenly. Weight loss, weight gain, genetic problems, and hormonal imbalances can all change the shape of a man’s chest. Treating gynecomastia Smyrna issues is simple with modern cosmetic surgical options. Dr. Jeffords is an acclaimed doctor who realizes the importance that breast reduction surgery has on his clients. Yes, this includes men. Some men have a dire need to reduce their chest dimensions in order to look more masculine and fit. Dr. Jeffords can help men negotiate this sensitive issue and find ways to address it. 

Gynecomastia is an extremely common aesthetic problem that many men encounter. It is identified by the accumulation of fatty deposits in the chest that can create certain feminine attributes. Some men are confused by chest contour problems. Most men experience a flabby chest because of high body fat percentages. Other men experience chest growth because of hormonal issues, or natural genetic propensities. Both of these can cause the formation and growth of breast-like chest contours. 

Excellent male cosmetic surgeons can help men determine if their chest shape is due to being unfit, or a result of other factors. Gynecomastia is the accumulation of tissue in the chest area that is contrary to male development. If a man is struggling with weight gains, nutritional and fitness programs can reduce unwanted body fat. If a man is struggling with the onset of truly invasive gynecomastia, he can use surgical options to help him retain a more masculine appearance. 

Gynecomastia Smyrna male candidates looking for help with abnormal chest weight gains can benefit from the services of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Jeffords and his staff can help men determine if their chest shape is due to true gynecomastia onset, or the result of fitness issues. If you are a man who has struggled with chest shape issues throughout life, a consultation with Dr. Jeffords could produce powerful answers. Contact Dr. Jefford’s office to schedule an appointment where all of your gynecomastia questions can be addressed.